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Healthy Habits of Successful Professionals

Posted by Griffin Suber


Faced with a full schedule of appointments, meetings and errands, the majority of us tend to prioritize simply completing our list of to-dos as opposed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Looking at these two goals as an either/or scenario is a common mistake and one that the most successful among us avoid through discipline and strategic time management. Reconcile your routine with these techniques proven to boost your physical and professional performance.

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Body and Soul: How Shared Space Helps You Stay Healthy

Posted by Lee Rolandi


Sitting in the same office space all day, ever day, can make it abundantly clear why finding an environment that strikes a balance between productivity and comfort is crucial to the health of your employees and your business. As employees feel more obligated to be “plugged in” and “contactable” outside of the normal 9-5 routine, it is also critical for a business to find meaningful ways to promote the physical and mental health of its employees outside of the office as well. Shared office spaces and the ever-growing number of amenities they can provide are one solution that can keep your company happy and healthy without sacrificing efficiency.

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Healthy Office, Happy Office: Factors to Consider When Crafting Your Work Environment

Posted by AdvantEdge


More than eighty percent of Americans are sitting at least 8 hours per day, and this pattern is taking a monumental health toll on our bodies. Your office components- the furniture, the color, and even the lighting - each make a difference and leave an impact on your short term, and long term mental and physical wellness. But it’s not all bad news, and with some simple steps, you can make your office a healthier place to work. Here are 3 ways you can take a stand (sometimes literally) against the harms of sedentary working:

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Burn Notice: Managing Negative Cash Flows Through Shared Office Space

Posted by AdvantEdge


For early-stage companies reliant on outside funding, the massive up-front costs of acquiring your own office space can prove a seemingly unsustainable burden. When trying to exercise as much financial prudence as possible, the last thing you want to do is take on a long-term liability, but with a traditional lease, you’re left with little choice. Your company has to work somewhere, but how can you manage cash flows appropriately while still getting the environment you need? Shared office space can prove the perfect solution for startups, keeping costs low over time, and even lower up front.

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AdvantEdge Launches New Look and Online Presence

Posted by AdvantEdge


For over 27 years AdvantEdge Business Centers has provided the best quality personal service and flexible workspace to small businesses in Washington DC. As a part of continuing that history of excellence, while always looking to address the workplace of the future, AdvantEdge has unveiled a new website and new look. Rich with new features and interwoven with the story of AdvantEdge, our new site blends modern features with our tried and true practice of delivering the best in client service.

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Off the Hook: Buy Time and Save Money With Live Reception

Posted by AdvantEdge Staff


Not every phone answering service is created equal, and while you might find the time savings and the professional feel of live reception appealing, often times a lack of customization and personal attention can be its downfall. With AdvantEdge, your services are always customizable, our staff truly gets to know your company, and for most of our plans, these services are already included! Here are some reasons to look into an answering service for your company, and what about our service sets us apart.

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Don't Stop Me Now: How to Find Workspace that Grows When You Do

Posted by Madison Carson


Companies are always trying to find new ways to be smart about the liability of workspace, and increasingly traditional leasing options are becoming a hassle of the past. Shared office space may have been taboo a decade ago, but in recent years collaborative workspace has become the hallmark of savvy startups thanks to noncommittal terms and a number of added perks. With benefits and services molded to companies in their “right now” phases of growth, space at AdvantEdge is hard to pass up - here are a few reasons we think you’ll agree.

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Coworking: The New Way to Optimize Your Network

Posted by AdvantEdge Staff


Expanding your network can have obvious personal and professional benefits. The expansion of social media and the widening of the app landscape have made coming together to enhance your connections easier than ever before. At the intersection of physical space and networking technology is coworking, which as a movement has helped bring diverse professionals together to work in an atmosphere that encourages the sharing of ideas. By widening your potential networking pool to goal-achieving and driven entrepreneurs and business owners- doors are opened for everything from collaboration, to inspiration.

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Good For You: Finding the Right Office Space to Fit Your Needs

Posted by Lee Rolandi


While we have seemingly endless apps and websites available to use as a resource for just about anything, with so many resources at our disposal, a task like finding office space can quickly become quite daunting. Because physical office space is such a large expense, educating yourself as much as possible and starting early are vitally important. Not only do you need to determine the needs of your business at present, but you also have to consider its future. AdvantEdge can help assist along the way and ensure you make the best decision for both your company and your employees.

When it comes to determining the office space needs of your business, it’s most important to stay realistic. Try not to over- or underestimate - your business’s future capacity by allowing yourself enough time to evaluate the needs of your employees, your future business plans, and by doing your research thoroughly. Once you’ve nailed down the roadmap of your business plan, a good place to turn to amidst your search are the tried and true resource of real estate brokers. While you can search for space on any site or app, brokers understand the current conditions of the real estate market for your city and can help you make better informed choices about a building or market than you would be able to on your own. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to set up an office in an area that you may be unfamiliar with. Online reviews and social media, when mixed in with expert opinions from your broker, are also good resources for getting the feel of a space. These tools can provide insight into the quality of the customer service you would receive, building amenities, and current tenant satisfaction.

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Where Are U Now?: Office Locations You Need the Most

Posted by AdvantEdge Staff


The adage “location, location, location” may be overdone, but deciding where to work is as much about personality and feel as it is nuts and bolts. All of our centers offer amazing professional space and services in high quality locations, but there are still a few things that set each of them apart. Below we highlight each of our centers and outline their benefits beyond the space itself:

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Topics: Flexible Office Space, Modern Workspace, Co-Working, Office Space, Workspace DC, Shared Office Space DC, Executive Suites DC

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